About Classic Volvo Restoration

Welcome to Classicvolvorestoration.eu!
We have collected more than 10 000+ parts for the Classic Volvo PV 444/544/445/210,
Volvo Amazon 122/220 wagon, Volvo P1800 S/E/ES, Volvo 140/164, Volvo 240/260 to keep your old Volvo rolling.

A long life passion for Classic Volvo cars

Back in 2010 we started operating with a goal to provide the best parts for your Classic Volvo, as we where told parts was hard to source. Something we wanted to change, and today 11 years later we are providing parts for thousands of Classic Volvo's everyday worldwide. We have 2 warehouses, one in North America and one in Europe,Sweden, to serve you with parts as fast as possible. Today we are one of the leading suppliers for classic Volvo parts worldwide.


Do you want more information about our parts?

We are proud to provide quality interiors for the Classic Volvo's, made after exact original specifications.

Volvo engine parts

We offer a wide selection of engine parts for your Classic Volvo engine B4B/B16/B18/B20
Our engine parts are made to original specifications. We offer standard replacement for stock engines as well as upgrade/mild performance to high performance parts.

Rubber Seals Volvo PV/Amazon/P1800

All our rubber weather stripping are made from modern EPDM weather resistant materials. That is an upgrade from the materials available in the 1950-60's.
Most of our rubber parts are made in Sweden, in the original Volvo tooling's.