Alternator 12V with regulator 55A

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Built-in regulator!

Installation of the alternator with the internal regulator in Volvo B18 and B20

1. To prevent any damage, remove one wire from the battery.
2. Remove the wires from the old alternator and remove the alternator.
3. Install the new alternator.
4. Install the battery wire to the new alternator. Note that the new alternator has an 8 mm connection, the old one had a 6 mm connection (bolt).
5. Find the wire to the indicator lamp that previously was connected to the external regulator. 
Note that the indicator lamp must be connected in order to get the alternator to work properly.
6. Connect the wire to the indicator lamp to the 5 mm connection on the black insulator beside the battery connection.
7. If a negative wire is used, connect it to the alternator housing.
8. Reconnect the battery wire.
9. Tighten the fan belt.
10. You are done, start the engine.

NOTE! B20 engines will not clear the new alternator.
Modifications of the bracket or replacement to the MRG-9851 bent bracket are recommended.


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