Panel kit hat shelf Volvo Amazon ’57-64, ’69-70

54.63 (43.70 exl. VAT)

Sku: 667878


Product information: 

The rear piece of the cardboard should be white. We are selling it unpainted and you as a customer will have to paint it yourself. 
Bending the cardboard: We have come to the conclusion that the cardboard of today is not made in the same quality as it was back in the ’60s.
Back then other methods were used and the durability was a lot better 
Today it is “drier” and not as long-lasting due to other methods of manufacturing. 
Environmental requirements were different
Our cardboard cannot be bent with the same result as the one from the ’60s. 

Our item 667878 is a kit mainly because: 
1. You will have to paint after you have folded the lower edge so the grey color won’t shine through. 
2. If they were done and put together by ourselves they would basically be impossible to stock and to ship. 
3. We don’t have the tools for assembling them and if we did them by hand the cost would be outrageous. 


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