Seat belt front 3-point

109.75 (87.80 exl. VAT)

Sku: 273341


Universal type

PV-Duett, Amazon, 140, 164, 1800

More pictures – Stahl, German producer
Aftermarket “universal”. Not bolt on!


PV-Duett, Amazon, 140, 164, 1800


Can safety belt 273341 be installed using a P1800’s original safety belt mounting holes?


No, as the belt angles differently on a P1800 a new mounting bracket under the rear seat is required.
The strap will turn ¼ revolution as it is mounted in an incorrect position. This is an acceptable mounting procedure.
The option is to create brackets for side panel mounting, like year models 1972-73.
Part number 1045272 doesn’t fit.


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